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Ethiopia is without a doubt one of Africa’s most intriguing corners, utterly different from the rest of the continent and with a history that stretches back millennia. With a Christian history dating back centuries, unique cultural beliefs and some of the finest mountain scenery on the continent, this is an African holiday with a difference.

Twenty peaks in the central mountainous plateau rise to 4,000 metres or more whereas the Danakil Depression is the lowest point on the African continent. The Rift Valley Lakes are extraordinary and the Blue Nile Falls near Lake Tana are the continent’s second most impressive waterfalls. Home to nearly 92 million people and making up over 80 ethnic groups. Ethiopia has its own written language, Amharic, and traditions in literature, dress, dance and music have flourished in the relative isolation provided by their mountainous territory. Amharic is the first language but English is widely spoken. 

In Ethiopia you can trek in the towering Ethiopian Highlands and visit the weird and wonderful Danakil Depression, a tectonic hotbed 100 metres below sea level. Travellers can also meet Lucy, the 3.2 million-year-old skeleton of one of the world's oldest hominids ever found, discovered in the country and now on display at the Ethiopian National Museum in Addid Ababa, Africa's highest capital city.

Other Ethiopia travel options include wandering around the cool walls of the famous Lalibela rock churches and discovering the historic cities of Gondar and Axum. Being entertained by local azmaris - wandering minstrels - and spotting zebras, ostriches, crocodiles and flamingos in Nechisar National Park, one of the least visited national parks in East Africa. The park offers fabulous mountain scenery, wildlife safaris, and even trekking if the fancy takes you. The Simien Mountain National Park boasts beautiful mountain scenery and is home to Gelda baboons and lion monkeys. The thunderous cascade of the Blue Nile Falls will take your breath away and you can also enjoy game drives in the Mago National Park, looking out for buffalo, gazelle and zebra. A relaxing boat trip across Lake Chamo spotting hippos and crocodiles is another great option.

The villages of the South Omo Valley, deep in the south of Ethiopia, boast a truly unique culture and are quite unlike anywhere else in Africa. The women of the Mursi tribe insert large clay plates behind their lower lips, whilst the Dorze people are live in their famous, huge beehive huts.

Coffee originated in Ethiopia it’s strong, delicious, brewed on the street over coals and guaranteed to leave you quivering for several hours afterwards. It’s often served with popcorn.

Ethiopia – home to the famed Queen of Sheeba awaits you! Come and discover a true African holiday!


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