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how to make your honeymoon extra special

By Stephanie RumalayHow to Make Your Honeymoon Extra Special

All couples want to have a honeymoon that they will always remember.  A little bit of effort and attention is needed when you want to make your honeymoon even more special.  We have come up with 5 tips for you to follow to ensure that your honeymoon will be extraordinary.


Plan Ahead

Avoid the last-minute rush and stress by planning.  It is advised by many to check in 2-3 hours before your departure to ensure you don’t miss your flight due to unexpected mishaps like long queues in security check.  Checking in early will also mean that you can check out the duty free shopping or even have a meal before your flight.

Also, ensure that you have prepared your transfers if it is not included with the package that you have purchased.  This will take the stress out when landing.

Check in Early

Check in Early


Inform Personnel That You Are On Your Honeymoon

Let the staff at the airport check in to the hotel personnel that you are on your honeymoon.  You’ll be surprised how people would treat you.  It would be difficult to be bumped into first class on planes but the flight attendants may surprise you with two glasses of champagne.  If you are going to a resort like the Sandals Halcyon in Saint Lucia or Sun Palace in Cancun which are honeymoon centrals, don’t expect that you’d get the automatic upgrade but the staff may surprise you with rose petal baths or even chocolates and a bottle of champagne in your room.

Honeymoon Suite in Kuredu island Resort

Honeymoon Suite in Kurudu island Resort


Prepare Something Special

Impress your partner and sweep them off their feet by preparing something special.  It could be as simple as booking a couple’s massage. Centara Karon Resort Phuket in Thailand offers its guests the opportunity to sign up for Thai cooking classes where they take you to the local market and pick the freshest ingredients for the dishes you will be making.  If cooking is too much of a hassle for you, Kuredu Island Resort in the Maldives offers Veli Dinner where couples can enjoy a romantic dinner with 5-course meal with a paired a bottle of wine by the beach and under the stars.

Most resorts that are popular for honeymooners offer a number of excursions and activities to ensure them an enjoyable stay.

Veli Dinner at Kuredu Island Resort

Veli Dinner at Kuredu Island Resort


Don’t Stay In One Place

Couples tend to go somewhere exotic for their honeymoon.  Take advantage of being in an exotic place and visit other places.  We have multi-centre honeymoon packages like Mauritius and Dubai where you get to spend 9 nights in Veranda Paul and Virginie Hotel & Spa in Mauritius and Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort in Dubai.  If you prefer just staying in one country, why not island hop around the Bahamas or the Seychelles where you can even snorkel in the blue ocean.

Island hop and snorkel around the islands

Island hop and snorkel around the islands


Get Complimentary Room Upgrades

There are plenty of honeymoon deals where you can get complimentary room upgrades.  We at Escape2 have exclusive complimentary room upgrades for the Cancun resorts such as Beach Palace Resort, Sun Palace Resort, Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort and Le Blanc Spa Resort.  Also, Escape2 offers $1500 worth of resort credit for free that you can use for your honeymoon.  This resort credit can be spent on the activities and excursions in the resort.

Honeymoon Suite in Sun Palace Resort

Honeymoon suite in Sun Place Resort


We hope that these tips are helpful in making your dream honeymoon extra special and unforgettable.  For exclusive offers, visit our website or sign up to our newsletter.  Book your honeymoon with Escape2 and call us today on 01 4350005.



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