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thai festivals you need to go to

By Stephanie RumalayThailand Holidays

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations all thanks to the country’s pristine beaches, fascinating attractions and exotic food.  Many visitors are also attracted by the Thai festivals. Festivals in Thailand provide insight to visitors of what Thai culture really is like. So here are top Thai festivals that you should not miss when visiting Thailand.


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1. Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony


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Thailand is one of the places where couples consider tying the knot and Trang is one of the popular destinations in the country. Trang is in southern Thailand and has pushed pass beach weddings and hold an event where couples get to say ‘I do’ underwater every year from 13-15 February. So why not plan your wedding in Thailand or even renew your vows in a very unique way.


2. Chinese New Year


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The celebration of Chinese New Year is one of the most annual festivals in Thailand. The celebrations are normally held in cities with major Thai-Chinese community such as the Yaowarat district in Bangkok. Visitors who want to observe the holiday stop by at Chinatown and find dancing dragons, parades and fireworks.


3. Songkran Water Fight Festival


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Songkran is the Thai New Year Water Festival that is held every year on 13-15 April. This festival is observed throughout Thailand and is like one big party and fun water-fights. Take note that tourists and businessmen are often the top targets of locals! So be sure that you have a water gun prepared!


4. Sak Yant Tattoo Festival

This unique festival is observed annually on February in Wat Bang Phra – one of the famous Buddhist monasteries in Thailand. Locals and visitors get their tattoos by the master tattooist monks in the temple. These tattoos are considered special and claim that they bring physical and spiritual protection.


5. Loi Krathong Festival of Lights


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Loi Krathong is celebrated during the full month of the 12th lunar month every year. This is observed all throughout the country where locals head to the nearest body of water (lake, river or beach) and send off floating rafts made of banana leaves and flowers topped with candles, incense. Others offer 20 baht to bribe the river goddess. This festival is symbolic to the locals as it represents their wrongdoings and worries to float away.


6. Yi Peng Festival


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Yi Peng Festival coincides with Loi Krathong. Yi Peng is closely unique to northern Thailand especially in Chiang Mai and locals celebrate this festival to mark and end of the rainy season. You’ll see colourful lantern display and send some lanterns up to the sky to symbolise a brighter future.


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