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the best places in the world to propose

By Laura BurkeHoneymoons

Asking the love of your life to stay by your side forever is daunting, and the planning that goes into the perfect proposal is almost as scary. Make your proposal one of their fondest memories by doing it in an unforgettable location; we’ve some of the most amazing proposal ideas which are nearly guaranteed to receive a “YES!”


On a Hike of The Pitons, Saint Lucia

The Pitons of Saint Lucia are a natural couple, two volcanic peaks which sit side by side as they stand nearly 3,000 feet above the sapphire blue waters of the Caribbean. The view at their highest point is breath-taking as you soar straight from the edge of the sea with the entire island of Saint Lucia in clear view. Few experiences are as unique as climbing through a rainforest of tall, thin cacti, exotic birds and trees heavy with mango. As you get closer to the peak, a hazy view of the ocean becomes clear through the trees before a rocky climb through the scrub. After a long climb you’ll break out on to the open summit, at 2,619 feet the emerald swatch of Southern St Lucia is visible in all of its beauty. There are few places which compare to the romance of this summit, get down on one knee and begin your greatest adventure yet as you propose in paradise.

The Pitons Saint Lucia

The Pitons, St Lucia


Miracle Gardens, Dubai

Miracle Gardens Dubai are a like scene from Barbie’s daydreams, located in Al Barsha South, the park is home to the region’s biggest flower garden with more than 45 million blooming flowers showcased in a variety of amazing sculptures and designs. Colourful fields of blooms shaped like hearts, igloos and fairy-tale buildings makes for the most romantic walk through a garden which could have been designed by St. Valentine himself. If Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory was set in a botanic garden, then it would make the Miracle Gardens, it really is incomparably spectacular. Forget a bouquet, give your future life partner the entire garden and propose amongst the romance of Miracle Gardens.

Miracle Gardens, Dubai

Miracle Gardens, Dubai


Rustic Shelter Gazebo, New York City

Known for being one of the most romantic cities in the world, New York City is the perfect place to plan your proposal. Central Park is one of the most famous parks in the world offering a slice of nature in the city that never sleeps. Show off the magic of Central Park by visiting in spring as it erupts with a fragrant display of early flowering pastels. One of the most gorgeous areas of the park is by the Rustic Shelter Gazebo, a quaint structure atop an imposing rock. The fantasy structure against the Fifth Avenue skyline is something from a modern Fairy-tale. During a quiet walk with your other half, stop under the gazebo and ask your love to be yours eternally, the perfect happy ending to your love story.

Rustic Shelter Gazebo, New York City

Rustic Shelter Gazebo, New York City


Proposal by Elephant Ring Presentation, Anantara Resorts, Thailand

Write the most legendary of stories with the help of a baby elephant named Phil at the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa in Northern Thailand. Start with a longtail boat cruise from Chiang Saen along the Mekong River towards a famed golden Buddha before trekking through vivid jungle and countryside. Complete the day with a romantic sunset dinner by a picturesque rice paddy as elephant companions roam the area. Here you will await the arrival of the mischievous Phil the baby elephant as he assists your proposal. He will do his best to bring a bow tied gift box around his neck with the engagement ring hidden inside. All you have left to do is get down on one knee.

Proposal by Elephant, Thailand

Proposal by Elephant Presentation, Thailand


On the Ocean off the Coast of Cozumel

Cozumel is a spectacular island off the coast of Mexico, where you can get away from the built up resorts and enjoy real Caribbean spirit. Home to the most exquisite reefs and diving sites imaginable, this is the perfect opportunity to propose off of the most magical shores in the world. El Cielo Cozumel is only accessible by boat and is about a mile from the shoreline, here you’ll be met by shallow crystal clear water as far as the eye can see. Rent a boat for the day to explore the waters, enjoy your own private oasis before pulling out the ring and asking your love to stay by your side infinitely.

Cozumel Coast

On the Ocean, Cozumel


On a Hot Air Balloon Ride over Australia's Outback

There are few better ways to see the great Aussie outback in all of its brilliance than by hot air balloon. In the heart of Australia lies Alice Springs, the vast wilderness that makes up the Aussie Outback, is the Red Centre, home to amazing red rock and native wildlife such as kangaroos and wallabies. Meet before dawn to be lifted into a star filled sky over the Australian desert and take in the sights when the sun rises. You’ll have incomparable views of the West McDonnell Ranges and the desert oaks as you spot Kangaroos hopping across the outback. The serenity of the Hot Air balloon ride and the beauty of the nature surrounding you makes for the perfect opportunity to propose.

Hot air balloon Australian Outback

Hot Air Balloon, Australian Outback


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