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tips for honeymooning on a budget

By Stephanie RumalayTips for Honeymooning on a Budget

Not all couples are willing to splurge their entire life savings to go for their dream honeymoon filled with nothing but R&R.  Some couples that are on a budget do not necessarily have to miss out and being on a budget does not mean that the honeymoon is any less special compared to those who are willing to spend a little more dough.  We have top tips for couples honeymooning or for couples going on their honeymoon on a budget.


1. Be Sensible

We all want our picture-perfect honeymoon with the sun’s heat hitting our skin, the white sands between our toes and the turquoise sea view where we won’t even have to lift a finger. But to some, we may have to be realistic when it comes to where and when to go on honeymoon. Couples should also factor in all the costs when they are on a tight budget.  These costs may vary from transfers to food and drinks to even the taxes and tips unless these are included in the package.

Piggy Bank in Sungalasses

Piggy Bank


2. Work with a Travel Agent

Working with travel agents like Escaep2 will ease you the stress from planning.  Let them know your priorities such as your budget so they would know what to include and cut out from the itinerary.  Working with travel agents can help you save money with airfare tickets and hotel rates due to the high business volume and they also have the idea on last minute or ongoing sales that honeymooners might be interested in.

Travel Agent

Travel Agent


3. Booking Early and Going During the Off-peak Season

Booking early almost always guarantees clients with cheaper deals compared to booking everything at the last minute.  It also guarantees that inexpensive airline seats and hotel rooms would not be sold out.  For couples considering on going on a cruise, most cruises announce their itineraries 10 to 14 months prior the first cruise trip that can help honeymooners save up to 50%.

Going away during off-peak season will guarantee you the massive savings and will keep you away from overcrowding destinations/attractions.  Off-season does not necessarily mean that it matches the bad weather.  Consider destinations such as the Caribbean for ideal weather all year round.

Special Offer


4. Consider Booking Package Deals

Package deals often times offers the best deals with flights and accommodations.  If there are any package deals that strike your attention, investigate whether it will be worth your while.  If a hotel offers a honeymoon package, check all the elements involved in the package and see if it is going to save you anything.  Also, check if the hotel offers exclusive deals such as “stay for 7 nights for the price of 5 nights”.  Another element that you could consider when it comes to staying at a hotel is the free resort credit that comes with staying with them.  The Palace Resorts such as the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico offers up to $2500 free resort credit that can be used for activities such as snorkelling or even for sightseeing tours.

Moon Palace, Cancun

Moon Palace, Cancun


5. Consider All-Inclusive Packages

All-Inclusive honeymoons will definitely keep the spending to a minimum or even not spending at all.  Staying at all-inclusive hotels or accommodations will definitely make couples sure how much exactly they are spending.  There are no surprises and no limits – honeymooners can live the lives of royals.  If you love to eat and drink, you’ll definitely get the bang out of your buck.  Most all-inclusive rates include the room and all the meals and drinks.  Some hotels also include activities, excursions and transfers in their all-inclusive deals.

All Inclusive Paskages

All-Inclusive Packages


6. Prepare your own food

If you are staying in a self-catering accommodation, make the most use out of the cooking facilities that can help you save money from ordering take-away food or even eating at a restaurant.  Go to the local supermarket and buy ingredients you need for the duration of your trip where you can whip up easy, delicious meals.  Be sure to pack some candles and favourite music to give off a romantic atmosphere.  

Prepare Food



The tips mentioned above will definitely benefit all couples who are going on their honeymoon on a tight budget and help them to spend within their limit.  However, spending within the limits does not necessarily mean cheap and couples should cut down on some luxury and relaxation.  Who says romance has to go away the window when on a budget?  Book your honeymoon with Escape2 and we will make sure to cater to your very wants and needs.  Make an enquiry on our website or call us on 01 435 0005.



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