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Welcome to China - a country of contrasts, the land of ancient traditions, captivating landscapes and fascinating cultures. Tradition and innovation sit side by side with peaceful rice fields and monastery villages existing alongside buzzing ultramodern, futuristic cities. Holidays in China offer a window into a dramatically different world. The diversity of its landscape and the cultural heritage of its people are truly fascinating. China holidays & honeymoons promise history, culture, scenic grandeur and unique wildlife spectacles that will long stay in your memory.

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China is the 3rd largest country in the world, 3 times larger than India and home to twice as many different dialects and ethnic minorities, timeless mysticism and ancient history, so there is little doubt of the plethora of experiences on offer.


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No first trip to China is complete without visiting the truly unique city of Beijing, where you can't help but be impressed by the vastness of the Forbidden City and the scale of the Great Wall, and the buzzing metropolis of Shanghai to learn of its colonial past and its lightning fast development of the future. Thereafter you are still spoilt for choice between travelling to Xi’an to explore the first emperor's Terracotta Warriors, eating your way through Sichuan province or going to Hangzhou, the fabled city on West Lake. Nature is no shrinking wallflower in China. The magnificent Yangtze is the world’s third longest river and a cruise on the most scenic stretch between Chongqing and Yichang is a fascinating journey through China’s changing landscapes sailing past ancient imperial cities and through the spectacular Three Gorges. Guilin, in the south, is one of China’s most beautiful cities, surrounded by spectacular karst sentinels that dominate the skyline in every direction. Yunnan, in China’s lesser explored west, is a region rich in natural beauty, with magnificent mountains, ancient towns, the majestic Tiger Leaping Gorge and a fascinating and distinct culture. You will also love a visit to Chengdu, China’s charming panda town. The Giant Panda has taken on a kind of celebrity status as the symbol of conservation and endangered species throughout the world, and a visit to the Panda Breeding Centre is a perfect component of any China holiday.


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Don’t expect cornflakes in China. A typical breakfast is baozi – dumplings stuffed with pork, beef and vegetables, served with congee – warm rice porridge, and pickles. There are as many cuisines in China as there are regions. Sichuan is famous for its hot and spicy dishes, using chillies. Northern-style dishes utilise steamed bread and pancakes instead of rice, and pickled vegetables for the cold winters. Southern cooking involves classic, light stir-fry dishes made from a vast array of ingredients. Get practising with those chopsticks!

You'll find some exotic and unusual things to bring home as souvenirs, including ceramics, paintings, stone rubbings, embroideries, jade carvings and batiks. Beautiful and unique hand-embroidered silk scarves can be picked up in Gubeikou village, north east of Beijing; those made by locals are in a different league to the reprinted knock-offs around.


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There is something to interest anyone and plenty to learn from your time in China. From the way the country is being shaped in the mega-cities to the way the country used to be through its beautiful calligraphy, tea making and classical music - much of which is still practiced today.

China has so many cultural sights and natural wonders that you will be spoilt for choice. Come and enjoy this incredible destination with cheap holiday packages to China from Escape2.ie

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