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Andrew's Trip to Dubai 5/12/2023
By Andrew Buckley

Andrew's Trip to Dubai

In March 2023, I was lucky enough to take part in a 4-day FAM Trip organized by the Dubai Tourist board.

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Managers Trip to Abu Dhabi 5/4/2023

Managers Trip to Abu Dhabi

8 managers recently went on an Etihad Airlines and Capital Experience sponsored FAM trip to the magnificent Abu Dhabi, where they spent 4 days.

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Vanessa's trip to Malaysia 4/17/2023
by Vanessa Holohan

Vanessa's Trip to Malaysia

I recently visited Malaysia, starting off with 5 nights on the island of Borneo, then I flew to Kuala Lumpur and spent a further 2 nights there.

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Aishling's trip to Cancun and New York 11/15/2022
by Aishling Cox

Aishling's Trip to Cancun and New York

This was our honeymoon holiday. We wanted something with a wow factor and Mexico & New York certainly didn’t disappoint.

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Vanessa’s Trip to Abu Dhabi 8/4/2022
By Vanessa Holohan

Vanessa’s Trip to Abu Dhabi

I recently visited Abu Dhabi and had a wonderful time seeing all that this incredible city has to offer. I would recommend it as a holiday or honeymoon destination to anyone!

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Charlene's Trip to Mauritius 6/16/2022
By Charlene Koekemoer

Charlene's Trip to Mauritius

Our trip to Mauritius was an amazing family holiday, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a relaxing holiday and enjoys the beach and hot weather.

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Sharon's Trip to Thailand 1/14/2022
By Sharon Martin

Sharon's Trip to Thailand

I would recommend a trip to Thailand to anyone, there are a lot of activities to do here! I recommend Koh Samui and Phuket for couples and families and Bangkok for couples and young people.

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Kathryn's Trip to Dubai 1/13/2022
By Kathryn McCarthy

Kathryn's Trip to Dubai

I loved Dubai for its mix of Arabic and Occidental architecture and the vibes on every beach. There are a lot of activities to do here for all ages. It's an incredible spot for couples, friend groups and families!

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Simone's Trip to Brazil 1/13/2022
By Simone Smith

Simone's Trip to Brazil

Brazil is a gorgeous country filled with areas of natural beauty, glorious beaches, tourist attractions and incredible culture. I had a great trip to Brazil and would love to visit again some day!

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Sean's Trip to Barbados 1/11/2022
By Sean McCarthy

Sean's Trip to Barbados

I really enjoyed my trip to Barbados and it would be somewhere I would visit again with family and friends. It is good value for money with lots to see and do.

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