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Book Cheap Holidays and Honeymoons to Cuba

The largest Caribbean island known to many as Cuba is famous for its incredible beaches, vibrant culture and heritage, spectacular scenery and its captivating history is definitely not to be missed, so checkout our Cuba holiday and honeymoon packages from Dublin.

Visitors to Cuba will be energized by exploring Spanish colonial sites as well as iconic mountain ranges and magical forests.

Havana, Cuba’s colourful capital is where there is so much to see and do, with cheap all-inclusive Cuba holidays from Ireland and it is a major hotspot with visitors who want to begin their Cuban adventure with a dollop of culture. The city’s colonial past comes to the fore as you are sure to discover a rich array of mansions, castles and museums.

Take a stroll through Old Havana where you are sure to pass by at least 900 landmarks. Cuba’s love affair with music and dance is a big one and it is clearly noticeable to every visitor. You may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of an impromptu street salsa performance during your trip to Havana, so book that cheap holiday package to Cuba today with

A fantastic stretch of beautiful beaches (15 km) in total are right on your doorstep where you will be able to enjoy a day by the beach while enjoying the five star Havana holiday experience or enjoy a romantic stroll through Lenin Park.

For those of you who want to be located outside the capital city, Varadero and Santiago de Cuba are two Cuban resorts that are well worth experiencing when you are here. Varadero is famous for its white sandy beaches and it is one of Cuba’s premier tourist resort towns which are perfect for all who love spending time in the outdoors. We can get you there with a special Cuba holiday and honeymoon.

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba’s second largest city is located in the southeastern part of the country and being a city that is steeped in history and famous for playing a pivotal role in the Cuban Revolution it is an intriguing city to visit and explore, with Cuba holidays and honeymoon packages from Dublin always available. Visitors will be able to visit a number of colonial buildings, Cuba’s first cathedral as well as a number of more historical treasures.  Santiago de Cuba’s immaculate beaches are the places to be at the weekends where you will be able to swim in crystal clear waters.

With laid back tropical charm as far as the eye can see, you should look no further than spending your next holiday in Cuba. A true holiday experience awaits.


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