Charlene's Trip to Eilat

By Charlene Koekemoer

Charlenes Trip To Eilat Macro

I recently went to Eilat on my first ever trip to Israel. It was 34 degrees, sunshine all day with not a cloud in the sky. I felt safe walking around by myself while exploring. Eilat had a variety of things to offer. You can go from riding in the desert to relaxing on the beach of the Rea Sea. If you want to get some warm weather in the winter months, this is the place to go.​


Eilat is right at the bottom of Israel on the Rea Sea. You have the border of Jordan, and Egypt next to you and Saudi Arabia across from you. In the Eilat mountains there is a viewing point where you can see all 4 countries. Eilat is sunny all year around ranging from 22 in Winter and 50 degrees in Summer. You have loads to do in the area. The distance from the border for Egypt on one side of Eilat to the boarder for Jordan on the other side of Eilat is only 20 mins drive in the coast. ​

What I Loved

I loved the warm weather and the varieity of different things you could do. Plus the food is just amazing.​


Activities & Places to See

  • Visit the Dolphin Reef in Eilat, where you can relax on the beach surrounded by trees and nature. The dolphins are not enclosed, but free to swim in the sea and live in this reef. You can walk out on the floating deck to see the dolphins in their natural habitat.
  • Go to the Coral Reef Nature Reserve at Coral Beach, where you have a verity of different water sports that you can do including kitesurfing, windsurfing, snorkelling and diving. The water is 22/23 degrees all year round.
  • Visit Timna Park, where you'll find the worlds most ancient copper mines. In the park you can camp, bike along various trails, rock climb, visit the ancient mines and the see the stunning views of the desert.
  • Take a TV Tour in Kings City.

Food & Bars

​​I got to eat a lot of great food while I was in Eilat as there are plenty of amazing restaurants all over the region. Some of my favourites included Solo Sushi, which serves delicious fish from the Red Sea & Achla Restaurant, a traditional Israeli meat restaurant, and one of the most popular restaurants in Eilat among locals and tourist. The food was just beautiful!

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