Manager's Trip to Abu Dhabi


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Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and is an island in the Persian Gulf. Some of the managers from our company recently visited this incredible destination on a sponsored trip courtesy of Etihad Airlines & Capital Experience. The journey started with a direct flight from Dublin to Abu Dhabi, courtesy of Etihad Airlines. The outbound flight provided the managers with an amazing business-class experience. Similarly, the return flight, although in economy class, was still highly impressive, ensuring a comfortable journey back home. The flight was around 7 hours long.


The first hotel where our managers stayed was the Andaz Hotel Capital Gate in the City followed by the Rotana Saadiyat Hotel located on Saadiyat Island. The Andaz overlooked the Royal Island and the Rotana had stunning beach views. It was about a 25-minute drive from the airport to the Andaz. Abu Dhabi enjoys year round sunshine with temperatures reaching 25 degrees in January and upwards of 40 degrees in the summer, making it a wonderful sun destination to visit.

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What We Loved

Everything! Karen loved the culture that was on display across the region, while Ita found the food to be outstanding. Gil really enjoyed all the shopping oppotunities available, with plenty of malls & shopping outlets along the streets. Visiting the two theme parks – Warner Bros. and Ferrari World - made for a fantastic day out. Yas Island was a standout for Lauren, with its vibrant atmosphere and lively nightlife. Saadiyat beach is only 10 minutes away & has perfect white sand, turquoise water and a lovely atmosphere. The weather was amazing, it was 20-24 degrees every day with a lovely breeze. All of the managers loved relaxing on the beaches & enjoying the fabulous weather. There is something for everyone in Abu Dhabi.

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Activities & Places to See

  • The theme parks – Ferrari World, which is home to the world's fastest roller coaster as well as over 40 attractions and Warner Bros. theme park which has 29 rides.
  • One of the biggest shopping centres in the world, the Yas Mall.
  • Sheikh Zayad’s Grand Mosque – the biggest mosque in the world
  • The Louvre museum
Sheikh Zayad Mosque


Abu Dhabi has a wide range of shopping destinations from numerous air conditioned malls with all the top brands to traditional street markets. Yas Island is home to one of the biggest shopping centres in the world, the Yas Mall. It offers a wide range of retail stores, dining options, entertainment facilities and much more. You could spend the entire day here and not get tired of it.

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Food & Bars

During the visit to Abu Dhabi, the managers had the opportunity to dine at various restaurants, many of which were located within hotels. While it's worth noting that some hotels may not serve alcohol, the majority of them do offer alcoholic beverages. It's important to remember that alcohol consumption in Abu Dhabi is generally limited to restaurants and hotels. When it came to nightlife, Yas Island stood out as a vibrant and energetic destination. With its numerous bars and entertainment venues, it offered a thriving nightlife scene, providing ample options for those seeking a lively evening experience.

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