Simone's Trip to Brazil

By Simone Smith

Simones Trip To Brazil

I recently spent two weeks travelling around Brazil. I spent the first week in Sao Paolo and the following week sunbathing in the Northeast on the beach. I flew with British Airways in economy class from Dublin to Sao Paolo via London and both on departure and return. For the internal flights within Brazil I travelled with LATAM Airlines.


Sao Paulo is a very interesting city for those who love night life and entertainment. It was about a 30 minute drive from Maceio International Airport to my hotel, and about a 2 hour drive from Maceio International Airport to Sao Miguel dos Milagres.

What I Loved

I loved seeing the manatees in the northeast. They do a great job there. They rescue the baby manatees on the beach, put them in a big aquarium in the State of Recife, and then after two years they send the manatees to Sao Miguel dos Milagres to be free but they are monitored with GPS. They live between fresh and sea-water so this is an ideal location for these lovely animals. 

Activities & Places to See

  • For nightlife and entertainment, I would definitely recommend a trip to Sao Paulo as there are plenty of bars and restaurants here that are sure to keep you entertained.
  • Also in Sao Paulo, I would recommend visiting the Edificio Italia. This is one of the highest buildings in the city, and gives an amazing panoramic view of the city from the top.
  • Sunbathe on one of Brazil's many beautiful beaches.


There are lots of shopping malls in Sao Paulo, but the clothes can be quite pricey.

Food & Bars

For night life I recommend visiting Sao Paulo as there are plenty of bars and restaurants which make for a very lively and vibrant nightlife scene. In Maceio we had dinner at Bodega do Sertao. Here, they serve local Brazilian food which was really delicious. We also visited the Pari Bar and Famiglia Mancini which both made for enjoyable evenings out.


In the Northeast of Brazil there are lots of coastal areas and sandy beaches to be found with enough room for everybody to sunbathe comfortably. Brazil's beaches are beautiful and were a great place to soak up the sun.

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